feel the touch of conscious luxury

Derived from renewable wood sources in a closed loop process, TENCEL™ Luxe branded Lyocell filament yarn defines the landscape of luxury fashion with its silky smoothness, liquid-like drape and color vibrancy. TENCEL™ Luxe is transforming the future of eco couture with TENCEL™ Luxe branded luxury filaments, designed for sensuality yet engineered with environmental responsibility.

TENCEL™ branded Lyocell fibers have long been renowned for their natural comfort and environmentally friendly production process. As a step-change in wood-based cellulosic fiber technology, innovative Eco Filament technology is poised to take the luxury apparel industry and luxury bedding to new heights.

Supremely smooth to the touch, fabrics containing TENCEL™ Luxe filaments drape beautifully while expanding the frontiers of aesthetic appeal with natural comfort. Fashioned to be astoundingly versatile, TENCEL™ Luxe filaments blend superbly with other noble fibers such as silk, cashmere or wool.

luxury filaments, designed for sensuality yet engineered with environmental responsibility

feel right features


botanic origin

TENCEL™ Lyocell eco filaments are derived from sustainable wood sources – natural forests and sustainably managed plantations. Wood and pulp used by the Lenzing Group is harvested from certified and controlled sources.


liquid-like drape

Soft to the touch, TENCEL™ Luxe Lyocell filaments produce lightweight fabrics. A smooth, liquid-like drape enables extravagant fluid forms to be achieved, creating a flattering appearance. Lyocell weighs more than silk and can therefore produce a better drape effect. 


silky smoothness

TENCEL™ Luxe filaments exhibit a sleek surface area, giving fabrics a silky smooth handfeel and exquisite sensual appeal. 


color vibrancy

The color dyes are chemically bound and efficiently penetrate deeply into the filament structure to offer long-lasting color vibrancy.